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Del Conte

has at its disposal container trucks, trucks, lifting bascule, truck tractors, automatic presses and roll on and off compactors.
Via dell'industria, 9
27022 - Casorate Primo (PV)
tel. +39 02 900.59.290
fax +39 02 900.59.830
P. IVA 02407240130

Del Conte during last years has enlarged its vehices fleet, by this emproving technology and customer services.

All the materials to recycle are selected and separated on the base of their composition andtechnical characteristics:
reviews, newspapers, plasticized reviews, coils of paper, tissue paper, aluminum, in order to give place to a more detailed recycling with as minimum discard as possible.

Del Conte has all the necessary and compulsory authorizations and certifications, released from the Provincia di Milano and the Regione Lombardia, both for the storage and for the transport of the mentioned materials.

Del Conte works on the national territory, but its customers are set also in the rest of Europe and particularly in France, Switzerland and Germany. This fact demonstrates the great seriousness and professionality characterizing Del Conte for disposal and recycling in the paper field.


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